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How to motivate yourself

Homo Sapiens or so called us often loose our focus or motivation due to numerous thoughts coming in our mind specially the negative thoughts. Hence it's very important for us how we can mend our mind to get away with those negative thoughts in order to focus again or to get motivated.

  1. Meditation: When you learn the real art of meditation, you can get away with negative thoughts or infact any thoughts (so called Nirmal Stithi). That's the time when you can channelise your energy into meaningful outcomes.

  2. Worshipping: When you do worship, you focus on God and prayer during which you get away with other thoughts and you focus on God, prayer and worshipping.

  3. Creating Positive Environment Inside: You all must have watched movie "3 Idiots" and can recall saying "All Is Well". It really works guys. Keep talking to yourself that All is well. This phase will pass. It's momentary. God is with me, Everything will be alright.

  4. Interaction with Positive People: Get into talks with people from whom you get positive vibes or the positive energy.

  5. Ignore Negative People who demotivate you: Are you aware of story of 2 Frogs in the empty well. 2 Frogs fell in the well. People above the well kept saying to Frog that you can't come above let us put soil on you and burry you. 1 frog thought people are saying correct and he didn't make any effort to come out of well and got hurried by the soil thrown by others. While other frog kept shaking his body with soil and moved soil down and kept moving above the soil in this manner and finally he reached to the top of well and came out of it. Do you know why other frog reached to the top? Because he was deaf he didn't hear that people were demotivating him. Infact, when he saw people above well he thought they are encouraging him to come above the well and get free.

Hence, it's very important to ignore people's words that might demotivate you. Turn people's negative comments as a challenge and then make them wrong.

All the best guys. Keep visiting this website

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